MEMORY VERSE ACT 2:1-2- And the day of Pentecost was fully come. They were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were seating.
Man was created to increase on the face of the earth. After the flood, man started to expand on the earth, living together with one language. Genesis 10:8-10.
Babel was mentioned in this passage in the Bible, was one of the cities in the land of Shimon. Nimrod the son of Cush was a mighty man, a great hunter in the sight of God. God prospered him in hunting. No matter what you do, you would prosper in it as long as you represent God in it. Trust in the Lord and He would bring all your desires to pass- Trust God, that marriage will work, the business will work, all you need to do is trust the Lord.
Genesis 8:10- The Bible recorded that the whole earth was one language, one purpose, they were all united- Nobody seeks his own purpose but believed in peaceful co-existence- one mind, one city, there was nothing called disunity among them.
The strongest cord in life is unity, any gathering that exhibits unity can not be broken. Unity is the language of staying together, the oneness among the people was a good one until they attempted to oppose the rules of God.
In Babel, everything was working for them well, until a selfish decision was taken to interrupt the agenda of God.
God wanted man to dominate the whole earth, but man wanted to be in the same place with God.
Nothing works without God. Nothing works without you giving God His place in life- You cannot outsmart God.
Unity of purpose get things done even than you can imagine. God recognized the power of unity. He said nothing can stop this, they began to build the tower, because they were one.
a) There is strength in unity
b) Unity moves God into action
c) In unity, the people involved spoke one language
When we come together as a church, we can move the world. When we move out as a church to evangelise. The entire Lagos State would know us.
Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries, we should have one voice, aim, purpose.
Making disciples of all nation. God bless you all.
a) What was responsible for the success of the building of the tower?
b) How did God stop them?
c) What is Unity?- Coming together of people with the aim of achieving one purpose.

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